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Replace a Window or Door Screen

By Linda Cottin |
With summer in full swing, now is the time to replace those torn or worn screens around your home. Step 1:  Remove the screen frame from the window or door and lay the frame on a flat hard surface. Step 2: Measure the frame and add two… Read More

Winterize Your Home

By Linda Cottin |
Staying warm and saving money on heating costs are two goals that sometimes seem at odds when cold weather hits.  Here are ten steps that will help you do both. Step 1:  Seal up cracks or crevices inside and outside the home.  Look for gaps where different materials… Read More

Use Stair Gauges to Mark a Stringer

By Cottins Hardware |
Building a set of stairs is a tricky endeavor. Using a pair of brass stair gauges and a builder’s square to mark the stringer (the zigzag boards the steps and risers attach to) can make the job a little easier. Step 1: Sand the outer edge of a… Read More

Fix a Leaky Basement

By Cottins Hardware |
If spring has sprung a leak in your basement wall, it is time to head to your local hardware store or lumber yard for some hydraulic cement and fix a leaky basement. Step 1: Use a chisel to enlarge any cracks bigger than an eighth inch in diameter. Inverted… Read More