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Eliminating Ants Inside

By Cottins Hardware |

About ants and eliminating Ants inside.

When the ants come marching two-by-two, into your kitchen, “hurrah, hurrah” is most likely not the first phrase that comes to mind. With a little due diligence and some chemical intervention, you can fix your ant problem in no time.

Step 1: Prevention is the key to all solutions. Make sure your gutters and down spouts are directing moisture away from your foundation. Caulk all cracks and crevices around the base of your home. Seal window openings with weather strip or caulk and replace any worn door sweeps or thresholds.

Step 2: Reduce the ant’s available food supply by taking out the trash and washing dishes regularly. Wipe down counter tops, sweep or vacuum floors daily and clean out cabinets where food may have spilled.

Step 3: Place solutions of boric acid and sugar water in areas that ants frequent. Terro is by far the best product on the market. The liquid can be applied to a cotton ball or swatch of cardboard and placed in areas where ants frequent. Terro is also available in handy liquid filled trays. The ants carry the solution back to their nest and effectively eliminate the entire colony. Boric acid is harmless and safe to use around pets and children, as well as in food preparation areas.

Step 4: If Terro or some other form of boric acid does not do the trick, the next step is to sprinkle a granular deterrent around the perimeter of your home. Diatomaceous earth is the organic granule of choice, but there are several more toxic alternatives such as Terro granules, Ortho Bug B Gon or Sevin dust. Sprinkle the granule or powder around the foundation of your home to eliminate ants and other insects before they enter your home.

Step 5: The last and most aggressive choice of defense against ants is a residual liquid spray. Ortho’s Home Defense or Enforcer’s Bug Max 365 are very effective and safe to use in and around the home. Spray base boards, window sills, doorways and other points of entry, both inside and out. Once dry, the chemicals are relatively harmless to humans and other mammals, but will work to control unwanted pests for up to a year.

Taking a little time to eliminate ants in your home today, will have you singing “Harrah, Harrah” long past tomorrow.

Though ants are beneficial for aerating your lawn, they serve no useful purpose inside your home.